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fish this evening?
7 November 2011

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a fork in the road
6 October 2011

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en famille le Dimanche
5 October 2011

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hvad sker der?
4 February 2011

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20 August 2010

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century plant sunset
16 August 2010

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interactive art
5 April 2010

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mass dancing
1 September 2009

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hot commute
19 September 2008

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happy to be summer
26 May 2008

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cat at home
17 April 2008

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spring on the line
14 April 2008

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Shadows on Woodland
23 February 2008

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Lime Medley
5 February 2008

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on roofs of marrakesh
oh excellent

L'Angevine on outside the compound
oh génial

Le Krop on outside the compound
Oh oui, une très très belle atmosphère !

Anna Cherer on outside the compound
Excellent atmosphere !

L'Angevine on inside the compound
oh c'est une intéressante recherche

Shahin Bahremand on inside the compound

L'Angevine on Into the Atlas Mountains

L'Angevine on Marrakesh souk

L'Angevine on Marrakesh sunset - Koutoubia Mosque
belle lumière

Le Krop on Marrakesh souk
Superbe lumière.

L'Angevine on market nights

Anne on Marrakesh sunset - Koutoubia Mosque
Tout ce que j'aime!

L'Angevine on Quiet night Marrakesh
bon travail

L'Angevine on Marrakesh gardens at night

Shahin Bahremand on Quiet night Marrakesh

L'Angevine on Marrakesh Nights
belle lumière

L'Angevine on hotel view: View of Tamatert toward Imlil

L'Angevine on Moroccan interior
bien ces rouges

L'Angevine on Aroumd

L'Angevine on Moroccan mule

L'Angevine on Moroccan bread

L'Angevine on Moroccan red

L'Angevine on tower of doom

L'Angevine on Verona streets
bien ces couleurs des façades

L'Angevine on Padua: bikes

L'Angevine on Padua cafe

Ronnie 2¢ on Padua cafe
A lovely 'oneness' to this . . both the people and the buildings get along fine together.

L'Angevine on inside the gallery
bien vu

Harmonia on inside the gallery
Magnifique !!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on inside the gallery
A lovely sense of tranquillity to this . .

L'Angevine on statues
bon travail

L'Angevine on golden times

L'Angevine on passagio
bien confortable

L'Angevine on selfie mania

L'Angevine on Padova nights

L'Angevine on tabacchi

Ehsan Hemmati on tabacchi
I like the color of the walls.Thank you for sharing.

L'Angevine on Padova rain

L'Angevine on gondoliers
belle lumière

Ehsan on gondoliers
Good composition,lights,reflection,... great photo.

L'Angevine on Padova by day
bien mouillé

Le Krop on Padova by day
(Et en noir et blanc ?) :-)

farNaaz50 on Padova by day
Bravo . Bravo . Bravo .

manolo on Padova by day
très belle photo, elle est simple, parfaite !!!

Ehsan on busy day venice
great photo

Ronnie 2¢ on busy day venice
Always a very special place to be . .

L'Angevine on city in mourning

Ronnie 2¢ on le camp retranché de Bruxelles
Signs of the times . . sadly.

Gérard on le camp retranché de Bruxelles
Hilton, lieu prioritaire ???

Le Krop on Brussels remembers
Attendrissant !

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